Welcome to UNIQ UNIQ!


What we do...

We design and create made to order furniture Uniq for you. Our team of creative designers are dedicated to providing practical yet trend setting pieces that will elevate your home or office. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the trends, whilst creating high quality individual designs. 

Why we do it...

 We set out to create a forward-thinking brand that allows us to diversify and create pieces that reflect our customers. We recognised consumers often had to compromise their style to fit certain sizes or colours into their home.

Why should you have to not buy your dream dining table because it’s too big?

Why should you have to buy a piece and then find the matching piece has now been discontinued? 

We decided to change this.

From small tweaks to new concepts, our in-house design service can offer you the solutions and advice to create the perfect pieces that are UNIQuely you.

Our catalogue displays some of our ranges to enable you to piece various items together to create a theme for your chosen space. We can also work with you to provide a bespoke and tailored solution to suit your needs.

How we do it...

We have designed a broad range of pieces which are made with only the most durable materials to ensure their longevity. As our products are all made to order, the craft will then begin once an order has been received. From here we will either craft from your online order requirements or from a customer's bespoke design preferences.  Each piece comes with a UNIQ gold plaque with it's own UNIQ reference number.

 We believe in sustainability. From design, to sourcing materials to crafting our pieces, everything is created in the United Kingdom,

We invite you to browse our online store, or contact us for further requirements....