Height Adjustable Desks

When asked which is the best working posture, orthopaedists generally answer: “The one you're about to switch to!” Cardiologists constantly criticise the sedentary nature of most people’s working days, stating that we need to move more. Varying the burden on the locomotor and cardiovascular systems and increasing activity has proven to be extremely effective. Our modular lifting columns are extremely convenient and easy to use. Depending on the application, they can be implemented as single-column or two-leg table concepts. Extremely quiet operation and fast movement characterise the high quality of our lifting columns. The simple operation via manual push-button encourages frequent use of the functions.



  • Fewer absences due to illness
  • Mobilises the locomotor system
  • Increases concentration
  • Dynamic working helps prevent work fatigue

Here we have a range of products available online with various options. Should you not be able to find anything to suit your requirement, please call us on 01782 561359 and we can design something bespoke for you.